Author Topic: What a game! A surprise-buy which turned out great.  (Read 1387 times)


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I'm constantly looking out for good adventure games - both the 'tricky/hard' ones, and the 'funny-easy-enjoyable-story-telling' ones, and The Book of Unwritten Tales certainly belongs to my top-favourites in the second category.
I've never heard of it, and only bought it rather on the 'odd-chance' when I've seen it on the cover-CD of a German gaming magazine this month. (Yes, I admit, it's a low-price, low-risk buy and I possibly wouldn't have bought it from the shelf at much higher price.) My thought was: For this price, I can give it a try, even if it will be rather disappointingly...

What a surprise!  ;D
I still haven't finished it completely (-lucky me, I still have some fun ahead-), but after 10hrs gaming I'm already confident that it easily made it to the top of my favourites list. Of course, it's not always fair to compare 'new' games with '(very) old' ones, as possibilities and techniques have increased, but I think a rather fair measure of comparing games is "the amount of joy" during playing it at the time. And even by this standards, this reaches the top-five of my hall-of-fame.

It's fun. It's technically well made. It's artistically well designed/drawn/composed. Its storyline is (-ignoring the genre-typical but liked predictability of the main plot-) surprisingly creative with branches and sub-plots of fresh originality. And even the mini-games fit in well and actually add to the game in a meaningful way - something rarely achieved in this type of games.

Really, really well done. Congratulations.
I'll watch out for the King Art logo at least as much as I did for the Lucas Art/Game logo at its prime time.

Two more points:

I think it was a great strategic move to sell the game in Germany via the gaming magazine. It definitely brings King Art Games to the attention of the German speaking audience and I can only hope that more old-style-games like me will remember the brand for the future.

I've come across only one bug so far. At one point I could enter a section which I think shouldn't have been possible.
(Sorry, the spoiler-icon doesn't work for me in this forum right now. So I'm only saying it was the "helmet-cave" and I could go into it without solving the puzzle immediately before. Something has been prepared but was not activated, and I think I should haven been caught rather than been allowed to pass on...)
However, in the new screen, the mouse showed the "movie running" cursor but otherwise acted normally. I couldn't DO anything though, and accessing the menu was not possible neither. At that stage I got frustrated, because I hadn't saved all evening and have already seen myself replaying all this again... until I discovered that auto-save has really saved just immediately before.  :D  Big thumbs up again. (Not for the bug, obviously, but for putting such safeguards in place. Rarely done in adventures.)


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Re: What a game! A surprise-buy which turned out great.
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Funny thing is the exact same thing happened to me. I was browsing my local gamestop for a game to enjoy when i saw this game laying in a low shelf. I asked the storeclerk if he had tried this game but he hadn't but the cover looked promising and i bought it for a low price and got home, installed it and was blown a way.

It has some flaws compared to the games made during the adventure-game era but nothing that really shoots you out of the game. I will certainly get a copy of the raven when i get the money for it. I just hope they can produce more of this stuff, even if they should grow big and might have to change they're audience to a wider one.