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Discussion : The Unwritten Tales
« on: 2013-09-18 15:46:43 »
Prequel to King Art's fantasy adventure tells the story of how the pirate Nathaniel Bonnet met his sloth-like sidekick Critter. The game begins when Nate wins his airship in a card game but crashes into Critter's territory in the Northlands. There he finds a whole community of furry creatures being tormented by an evil warlock, and when Nate discovers that Critter has feelings for the daughter of his tribe's leader, the dual protagonists decide to help each other.

Five chapters are included, with players controlling Nate for one chapter, Critter for one chapter, and then choosing which character to control for the remaining three segments. The action unfolds in typical point-and-click fashion, with gamers examining the scenery, collecting items, and interacting with a variety of unique characters, including a schizophrenic yeti and an animal-rights worker.