Author Topic: „I didn’t receive a key“ / „I don’t get a selection where to get the game from“  (Read 3395 times)


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Some of you can’t see a „Your Vouchers“ area above „Your Games“ when visiting, where you can choose whether you want to receive the game from us, on Steam or on GoG. We have monitored some of these cases in the last days and solved them manually. In the process it turned out to be one of the following problems:

1. Some Backers were in the database two times with the same email address. We were able to fix this problem. Please check, whether the option is available now or not.

2. If it still doesn’t show up, there’s a high probability that you used email address A on Kickstarter or in our shop, but registered with email B on (now or already during the Beta phase). The problem is, that the system of course can’t know what (or if) you have backed/bought. If the email address you have used back then (!) at Kickstarter or in the shop is different to the one you used now on, then please send us an email to including:
- The email address you used back
- The email address you are using now
- Your Kickstarter name (if you’re a Kickstarter backer) or your order number (if you have backed/bought it in our shop)

We will try to process all of your inquiries till tomorrow.

Sorry, that it took so long to identify the problem. Unfortunately it can’t be fixed with the push of a button, but an employee has to check each inquiry and merge the different accounts/email addresses by hand.