Author Topic: Testers wanted for this weekend! (First look at the league)  (Read 3698 times)


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On Friday we will upload a test build of the current version of Battle Worlds onto a test server. If you are using the STEAM VERSION of the game and are up to give us feedback on the league system, please answer us in this thread. We will send you the access data and info in a message.

Our plan is testing the functionality of the league system before giving all players access to it next week. There are two main points:

1. „Multiplayer Bug“: There were several instances where a multiplayer match couldn’t be finished (the „End Turn“ button was greyed out or both players couldn’t execute their moves). The reason for that seemed to be several bugs. We found and fixed two bugs last week, and another one this week. It’s extremely difficult to detect them, but we have now created a tool to simplify the detection. What we need now are as many “broken matches” as possible.

2. League:
- Play in a league and tell us what you think. Are there aspects that are hard to understand? Is it fun? Remarks? Suggestions?
- Try to break the system. If you manage to do it, please send us a “how to” guide on how you did it.

So please leave a comment in this thread if you’re interested.

Volunteers wanted :)
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Hi Thorben,

is this only for steam-users?
If not, how could non-steam-users try the system?

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Hi Andi. If you don't have a Steam key, we'll provide one, no problem.


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Testers wanted for this weekend First look at the league
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First pain in the arse at your service

I have an ammendment for you. The glee game will still be glee but will be hosted solely by me.