Author Topic: Game Crashes Instead of Making Sounds  (Read 944 times)


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Game Crashes Instead of Making Sounds
« on: 2013-12-29 20:51:29 »
Hi everyone!

I have both "The Book of Unwritten Tales" and "The Critter Chronicles" for Steam and both are really great games, so my compliments to KING Arts. Sadly for whatever reason both stopped working today. Whenever I get to the point where the first character is about to say something, they crash with the following meaningless error message:
"CritterChronicles.exe funktioniert nicht mehr"
"bout.exe funktioniert nicht mehr"
The rest of the games, like the menu or videos, is simply silent. I've tried disabling "Realtek Digitial Output", adding "<sounddevice>Generic Software</sounddevice>" to the config.xml, reinstalling Direct X and screaming and cursing. Nothing worked.

The last time "The Book of Unwritten Tales" worked was about a month ago, and if I'd have to take a guess, I'd say it's some sort of update gone wrong, but I have no idea what. Does anyone else have these problems and / or is able to help?

Thanks for your time!