Author Topic: Trains Beta launched! Upgrade 1.3.1 available  (Read 15250 times)


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Trains Beta launched! Upgrade 1.3.1 available
« on: 2014-03-21 10:19:41 »
Hallo everyone.

We have started an early beta for the Trains DLC and need volunteers for testing.
The test version will for now only be available via Steam for PC, and contains the first two missions. The multiplayer is (still) deactivated.
If you’re interested you can switch to the beta in Steam (and then switch back to the normal game at will):

1.   Rightclick the game in your library, choose properties
2.   Select „betabuilds – public beta branch„ in the dropdown!
3.   Close and enjoy.

Please do not publish any screenshots, videos, etc. It is still an early version of the DLC and there could still be some changes coming up.

The beta also contains several changes compared to the current game version. Here’s the change log:
-   Technician can now carry up to 3 mines and defuse mines
-   The Hurricane’s hit points have been reduced
-   Several GUI bugs have been fixed
-   Memory usage has been reduced by about 25-30%
-   Performance is optimized
-   Elite units that were loaded into buildings or other units can now be transferred over to other missions
-   The Hacker can’t take over human units anymore
-   Vehicles of the Residents now also heal on level 1 wrecks
-   In tactical map view commands can’t be given anymore
-   Diver/Meteor can be produced in the airbase
-   Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
-   Aerial units will not be blocked by low map objects like barbed wire anymore
-   Impassable terrain (with wrecks on it) can’t be passed anymore
-   Damage preview on skip  animation fixed
-   Towers don’t turn on transverse axis anymore

The editor has also been revised and the new assets for trains/tracks have been added.
Additionally we taught the editor some extra things:
-   Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
-   Orbital Drop / Orbital Extract can now be executed in parallel several times
-   OrbitalDropUnits can now be assigned to a squad in the builder

Depending on the feedback we will probably release an update for the beta next week or the week after that, containing missions 3 and 4 of the Trains campaign. Another 1-2 weeks later (once again depending on the feedback) there will be a beta for all players (all platforms).
At the moment it is a lot less effort for us to just make one version. If you have lots of time at hand, could test intensively and DESPERATELY want to take part, but don’t have a Steam version, send us a message and we’ll provide you with a key.

Your Battle Worlds team


The latest version 1.3.1 is available.


-   Upgrade "Blitz": If an enemy unit attacks one of your units and dies due to the upgrade, it won´t fire any longer before dying.
-   Grid rendering fixed
-   Fix: Train cars will uncouple, when being hacked by a Hacker
-   Known Bug: Train car will uncouple when they change the team by the "ChangeTeam Event" (will be fixed in the next version)
-   "All units destroyed" triggerevent triggers now, when units are not destroyed but hacked by Hackers and is therefore renamed to „no unit left“
-   Technicians can defuse mines of their own team
-   Technicians cannot pickup mines, when the ammo-cap is reached. Use a mine to create space before picking up another one
-   Hidden submarines are now shown correctly after passing a bridge
-   Mines can now be used on railtracks
-   Technician cannot "defuse" other units then mines any longer
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