Author Topic: BWK Patch 1.3.3 (Win Mac Linux) available  (Read 13991 times)

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BWK Patch 1.3.3 (Win Mac Linux) available
« on: 2014-04-03 12:13:25 »
Update 1.3.3

Hey everyone.

The new update (1.3.3) is now available and contains a lot of changes.

Here’s the change log:

-   Technician can now carry up to 3 mines and defuse mines
-   The Hurricane’s hit points have been reduced
-   Several GUI bugs have been fixed
-   Memory usage has been reduced by about 25-30%
-   Performance is optimized
-   Elite units that were loaded into buildings or other units can now be transferred over to other missions
-   The Hacker can’t take over human units anymore
-   Vehicles of the Residents now also heal on level 1 wrecks
-   In tactical map view commands can’t be given anymore
-   Diver/Meteor can be produced in the airbase
-   Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
-   Aerial units will not be blocked by low map objects like barbed wire anymore
-   Impassable terrain (with wrecks on it) can’t be passed anymore
-   Damage preview on skip  animation fixed
-   Towers don’t turn on transverse axis anymore
-   Upgrade "Blitz": If an enemy unit attacks one of your units and dies due to the upgrade, it won´t fire any longer before dying.
-   Grid rendering fixed
-   "All units destroyed" triggerevent triggers now, when units are not destroyed but hacked by Hackers and is therefore renamed to „no unit left“
-   Technicians can defuse mines of their own team
-   Technicians cannot pickup mines, when the ammo-cap is reached. Use a mine to create space before picking up another one
-   Hidden submarines are now shown correctly after passing a bridge
-   Technician cannot "defuse" other units then mines any longer

Additionally we taught the editor some extra things:

-   Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
-   Orbital Drop / Orbital Extract can now be executed in parallel several times
-   OrbitalDropUnits can now be assigned to a squad in the builder

Your Battle Worlds team