Author Topic: Trains Update: Beta 1.3.5 - All missions of the new campaign are playable  (Read 14084 times)

Jan Miller (KingArt)

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Hello everyone.

We have started an early beta for the Trains DLC and need volunteers for testing.
The test version will for now only be available via Steam for PC, and contains the first two missions. The multiplayer is (still) deactivated.
If you’re interested you can switch to the beta in Steam (and then switch back to the normal game at will):

1.   Rightclick the game in your library, choose properties
2.   Select „betabuilds – public beta branch„ in the dropdown!
3.   Close and enjoy.

Please do not publish any screenshots, videos, etc. It is still an early version of the DLC and there could still be some changes coming up.


With the newest update it's now possible to play the complete trains campaign.
Please send us a lot of feedback!

- Minor bugfixes (flickering icons - air units)
- Mission 3
- Mission 4

Your Battle Worlds team
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I like to try it, but i have the gog version. Is there any chance to get it for steam? If not is there an ETA when the DLC will be available for gog users?

EDIT:  Guess i missed the following link:,12962.0.html
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I was here.