Author Topic: Urgant: Gampad-controlls and Book of unwritten Tales2!  (Read 864 times)


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 There is still some Time to fix the awul gamepad-controlls! I like to enjoy my games in front of the TV. But it is often very difficult to position your character before the hotspots, so you have to move him many times around before he "recognizes" them. At least there should be an option to use the right analog-stick as a pointer, like it was done in the monkey-island reeboot. (The current gamepad-controlls remind me of Grim Fandango, but they are not as good implemented) Some timed puzzels are even nearly unsolveable with the gamepad, due to the bad controlls. Please fix it.  otherwise: great game, looking forward for the final version!


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Re: Urgant: Gampad-controlls and Book of unwritten Tales2!
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Hello tkonicz

this is not the "Book of Unwritten Tales 2" - Forum

that's on Steam or there

please post there (you have to register your game here to get access)

good luck
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