Author Topic: Really thank you for this game :) + some questions about era  (Read 2432 times)


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Hi everybody :)

I want to say thank you to the dev team for this game, i searched this kind of games since a lot of times on computer it happens, moreover with Worldbuilder, thing that i think absolutely needed :)

So i wanted say this and i continue to work hard a lot of people want thiss kind of games which become rare nowadays :/

And i have question : im reallybig big fan of modern warfare RTS (CnC generals, Act of War, etc...) and i want know if you will make mod or texture pack to place the game in modern era or, make new game in the future about this in keeping all of your actual concept ? :)

Thank for answers ;)


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Indeed a great game !
Too bad there is not more of it.
Only game in the last 10 years i played more then 4 times.
I was here.