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Info for localisation
« on: 2011-11-18 15:01:38 »
Main / playable characters
Wilbur Weathervane
He is a very likable, young gnome who doesn’t know anything outside of his own, small world in the mountains. He always wanted to go on an adventure and he just loves it. He’s like a kid in a big city for the first time. Everything is splendid and very exciting.
Everything he says he truly believes. There is no sarcasm. He is painfully naïve, trusts everybody. The character should evoke a protective instinct.
In the course of the story he has to learn that not everybody is as good as him and he becomes more realistic. But he stays an idealist who loves to be in an adventure. 
Nathaniel “Nate” Bonnett
Nate is a pirate and an adventurer… but not a very good one. He talks faster than he thinks and is extremely full of himself. Of course he is a good guy in his heart but he just loves to show-off.
He is not into fancy talk, he always says what comes to his mind right away (no matter if it’s appropriate or not).
Princess Ivo
She is a sexy Elf princess. She doesn’t want to be part of this adventure at first since the Elves are not engaged in the “war of the mortals”. She is a little bit arrogant and talks down on people. Of course she has to be likeable as well, but it’s just she can’t understand how mortals can be so stupid all the time. She is fascinated by people, but doesn’t get them at the same time. During the course of events she’s warming up a little bit and becomes part of the team.
She speaks with an “upper-class accent”. Sophisticated, knowledgeable, a little bit cold.

NPCs chapter 1
Mortimer MacGuffin (Gremlin archaeologist)
He is the very old “Indiana Jones”. An old adventurer and fighter, now too old to go out there. He is a professor, speaks educated. But he is also grumpy. (“The youth of today…”). He likes to dramatize.
Munkus (evil warlock)
He is the son of the Arch-witch, the most powerful evil being. He has an inferiority complex. He always tries to appear bigger and more important than he really is. He is a small, creepy, slightly mad creature that thinks he is an evil genius (and behaves as such).
Master Brewer (dwarf)
An old Dwarf who has to look after the strategic beer reserves in the dwarven bastion as long as all other Dwarfs are in the war. He is a down-to-earth kind of guy, a father figure to Wilbur. He is lonely and a little bit sad, but the beer helps him coping with that. Speaks like a typical Dwarf (like Gimli from Lord of the Rings).
Gnome Granddad (Wilbur’s granddad)
He is an old military guy. He wears his old uniform, uses military terms and so on.
Mummy (crazy old mummy)
The mummy lost its brain during the mummification process. So it’s really stupid. It forgets everything and confuses and frustrates Ivo a lot. Grandpa Simpson in 20 years, having a bad day.

NPCs chapter 2

Shield hand (town guard)
He is like the „nerd who suddenly becomes the school guard“. He can’t handle the power. He is extremely pleased with himself, talks down to Wilbur, makes fun of him and enjoys his new position as town guard. Very unlikable.

Master Marcus (wizard’s teacher)
He is the frustrated teacher. Disenchanted, bitter. He is intelligent and knowledgeable but the years made him sarcastic. 

Merchant (satyr)
He is the typical business-man, who ONLY does things when they are profitable for him. He has no sense of community. He blames everybody else when anything goes wrong. He is cynic, sneering and unconvincable.

King of Thieves (rat)
He is a mixture of Zorro and a Musketeer. In the German and the English version he talks with a Spanish accent (like the cat in Shrek). You can do the same or you try the French (d’Artagnan) approach.

He is very frustrated and listless. So there is nothing special about him. He basically gave up. He talks to Wilburs because he has nothing else to do, but the conversations bore him.

Wuppermann (showman, fortune teller)
He is basically a con man. But because he already made a fortune he is actually quite nice and helpful toward Wilbur. He doesn’t have to prove anything anymore. So he is very relaxed, as if he is on vacation. Of course, since he is a showman with theatre and circus blood in his veins, he sometimes tries to impress Wilbur and is a little bit more dramatic than necessary.

Alastair (The Arch-Mage)
The Arch-Mage is super-intelligent and super-powerful, so he is also super-arrogant. When Wilbur meets him, it is like a little school boy has to talk to the principal of his school.

Ma’Zaz (female orc bounty hunter)
Very rough and hard, in no way lady-like. She is a woman in a man’s world and tries to be two times as bad-ass as anybody else.

NPCs chapter 4

Gulliver (talking skull)
He is a friendly, helpful undead. He is in a very good mood and full of life.

Pillory (ghost, leader of the undead)
He is a little bit in despair since a paladin tries to kill him. It’s actually justified because he used to be loud-mouthed but now he wants to have peace.

Esther (female talking zombie-head)
Very friendly, very dumb. She is like the most stupid girl you know but you can’t be mad with her because she is so friendly and nice and good. 

The Bride (female ghost)
She really is annoying. She cries all the time because her fiancé left her and she drowned herself. She is full of self-pity and demands everybody else to feel sorry for her. She isn’t very bright and completely misconceives reality.

The paladin is a „modern, metrosexual, sophisticated man” (at least that’s how he thinks of himself). His behavior is somewhat feminine but our point is not to mock him (it’s more about Nate’s homophobia). The paladin isn’t a likable character though. He’s bigheaded and a “drama queen”. 

The Rainmaker (minotaur shaman)
An old, very slow Minotaur shaman in his tent. He smokes crazy weed all day and really nothing seems to bother him. 

Orc Chief
He is an old, scarred warrior. Rough, insensitive. But he isn’t wild or evil anymore. He is tired of the war. Like an old veteran who sits on his porch and yells at people.

Dragon (female)
She is like a female who is on her own for the first time in her life. She wants to start a new life. She is enthusiastic but also scared. She reads books and brochures on how to get along without anyone else telling you what to do. She is sweet but very unconfident.
Two headed ogre
The two heads are very different from each other. Zloff is an arrogant, sophisticated mage (no fun, very strict, likes to study and be efficient all the time). The other head, Grump, likes to chill out, eat a lot, batter things to death and just enjoy the life of an ogre.
Their language has to be very unequal. The one head talks like an opera performer, the other one like a drunk at a soccer game.

Talking sword
Very aggressive. Likes to fight, wants to attack all the time.

Talking shield
Very sacred. Doesn’t like fighting at all!

Talking helmet
Sinister, evil, always thinking about ways to make trouble.

Mortroga – The Arch Witch
Most vicious and venomous speech you can think of.