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A game that finally hits the spot
« on: 2012-08-07 08:47:22 »
Hello there!

While I want to shower you with words of gratitude, I first would like to mention that I just started playing the game,
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, the Monkey Island reference (which I noticed not only once so far) just simply delivered so much for me I can't even express it in words.

About myself
(A very few words about myself) I've been an avid player of adventure(we called them "quests" long time ago) games since I was starting to understand the world that I've been introduced to other multiple worlds - adventure games (such as Monkey Island series, The Dig, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Broken Sword, Black Mirror, The Runaway, King's Quest, The Longest Journey, the list goes on and on). Now I must say that I felt the gaming industry, while becoming very big, is in my opinion going in a very dull and unexciting place. While I have played all kinds of games, some to a very competitive level (MMORPGs, FPSes, games such as DotA, racing games, basically all kind of games there have been) and I must say the RPGs games were always my favourite and will always be without a doubt. I am just trying to prove a point that I've been through a lot and seen a lot of games, be they with good graphics, bad graphics, good or bad voice acting, good plot etc and I give my review from an experienced point of view.

The Shower!
Thank you! Thank you very much for this game! I fully enjoyed it so far, even though I haven't been that far in the game!

What I truly feel is that you have had true quest players (edit: and maybe some WoW players aswell? I can somehow see that after playing a bit more) as part of the crew that made this fantastic game, as I've noticed some remarks the characters make about things that have always been in a point-and-click gamer's mind but never really been answered or even approached. I won't name them individually as I don't want to fill this post with spoilers, but just for this aspect, I salute you!

The voice-acting so far is impeccable, the various English accents are (from my point of view) a strong point of this game, the quality is fantastic and the dialogue itself I find witty and simply get the player to feel part of the environment.

The story-line is rather easy to follow, the characters are funny and very lovable, the music is enchanting and suits the scenes very well, the whole gaming experience gives you a very friendly and feel-good vibe, it's such a refreshing experience after so many years of waiting for something to rise to the level of the giants of the genre.

The artwork is amazing, it doesn't strive to be realistic but it manages to captivate and does its job to shape that enchanted world full of our favorite fantasy races.

Some things I would point out so far is that the puzzles are relatively easy and also I found that sound that plays when you complete a "mission chain" is a bit new for me in this kind of game, but I believe these are things you included to make it more appealing to an audience who is not that familiar with the genre and mostly to keep up with what the public demands (easy to follow and a small reward - the victory sound when completing the said "mission chain"). But these aren't reasons good enough to stop anyone from playing this magnificent game, speaking of which, I should go back and continue my adventure!

Also I felt like adding that the fact that you can easily skip through dialogue lines quick and the gameplay overall is very fluid and very responsive! A lot of games would've had better feedback if they did not have these problems.

Once again, hat down to this great game and thank you very much for putting the effort to keep the genre alive! 10/10! I shall do my best to tell about it to everyone I know about this masterpiece!

P.S. Is there any business line and if there is could you direct me to it please? Or shall I use the "Contact" option on your website for a more detailed approach?
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