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about the ending.
« on: 2012-08-30 01:11:57 »
Hi, first of all i must say, in general the game was excelent! great graphics, funny narrations, interesting puzzles and stuff to do and see, but ive noticed no one has said much about the ending, dont take it wrong but i think it was a little bland and abrupt, this is something ive noticed from other games in the genere (PC rpg, point and click), like grey matter, it was a very beautiful game, very interesting (altough i must say BOUT was way better), but in the end the game breaks giving a bland ending (not to mentions they sometimes use cliches to make to make their point, like at this point when they want to make a charater look bad they get the player to discover the char is a drugadict, and then they get this same character to enter the final dungeon to help, which by the way took the player lots of hard work to get into, and all like it was no difficult at all, just to explain the player it wasnt a bad char after all xD...).

But going back into topic, the must important part of a story its the ending quest (and i say this as someone who is studying to be a writer and has read a lot about the topic and just wants to help xD), first the endind quest has got to be the toughest part, the confrontation with the big bad guy (who shouldve been mortroga, and which was a surprisingly easy task... just had to walk up the stairs...), second, its got to be the characters own doing that brings the end of the quest to happen, even if you supposedly had an entire army to back you up, somethings got to happen which gets the main characters be the saviors of the day at the end (in this i have no complaints), besides this two points, there should be no Deus ex machina, its an outdated technique (and i mean outdated by millenia xD), Ivo's sudden apearance with an aftifact to save the day WAS a deus ex machina because the player didnt got wind of it at all, not even a hint (it wouldnt have been one if the player had, pardon the redundancy xD, "Played" through the moment themselves, the moment when she meets the archmage and is given the item) -a writer should never pop up solutions from out of nowhere just like that xD, its fine to pop up information if its usefull for whats ahead, its even okay if its the key to save the day, but not if it makes the final quest a complete breeze (too easy means boring). lastly, something ive noticed is lots of people mistake the climax, what ive been calling ending quest, with the end, the climax of the story isnt the end, it whats brings the end to happen, the end should be a moment, a quieter moment, when all the threads of the story finally tie up and resolve (even if the story is mean to have a sequel, all primary and secondary interrogants should be resolved except for the big one thats meant to continue the series- just recall harry potter and the trip back in every book as an example, all the questions answered by then except the fact voldemort is still on the loose).

Anyways, you might wonder why ive taken my time to post all this, even at the risk of sounding like a total a*s, and well, my answer is that lately its quiet hard to find good rpg point and click, and i really liked this one, am hoping they can make even better games in the future, after all a great ending is the difference between an excelent story and an unforgetable one (thats why many start with the ending and then go make the rest).

Well, Cheers!! and wish you luck in all your future endeavours.