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Keep them comming.
« on: 2012-12-30 18:32:28 »
I've played through Critter Chronicles now and it feels a little too short but probably because it is a prequel of The Book of Unwritten tales. I like your style of gameplay. Some puzzles are so hard and sometimes a bit illogical for me to solve but i find the general atmosphere genuinely welcoming for a point and click adventure game.
I found myself giggle over and over by some of the references, me being a veteran in playing point & click adventure games. But i won't spoil anything here.

If anything could have been better i would have to say some of the primary functions like switching between characters can be very annoying or trading items. A swifter switch between them could have made the game feel a lot more dynamic.

The verdict? Great game knowing how little resources you had when you made it. I hope the money comes your way so we can see another miracle from you.