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That hint was perfect LordFjord.

I could see in the savegame that it should look like this:

<experience xp="3" openUpgrades="0" rank="0" />

Works fine :)

Hi Florian,

could you tell us how?

I tried it in the same way the unit-health is assigned.


      <health health="0.8333333" />
      <container />
      <action />
      <experience experience="1.2" />

But that seems to be not the right way ;)

Hi Thorben,

is this only for steam-users?
If not, how could non-steam-users try the system?


Yes it is the campaign-id 3 but if the language files are accessed via the campaign-id then the game should find the language-file with the name c03.csv i guess.
I tried so many file-names but nothing worked.

Yes, i filled in the fields directly and that worked, i checked that before but i want do make it perfect ;-)

Another question:

Did you try to add some experience directly to a unit in the map-file?
It could be intressting to have a map with limited veteran units and you have the possibility to choose at your first round how
you will upgrade the veterans ;-)

Battle Worlds Builder / Campaign creation / language files
« on: 2013-11-14 16:45:42 »

im just converting some of my old maps i created 7 years ago with the BWK prototype.
But i stuck when i try to "create" the campaign.

In the folder "\StreamingAssets\Campaigns\" i created a folder with the name "andreas".
In this folder there is the "andreas.bwc" (Campaign-File) and the maps-folder with my first map.

So far so god,  the game is starting up and i see a new campaign called "c03_name".

In the next step i opened the path "\StreamingAssets\Lang\De", grab the c02_a_new_world.csv, copy it and rename the copy to c03_andreas.csv.

I open up the new created c03-file and edited the c03_name entry. But when i start the game the campaign has still the "c03_name" instead of the name i wrote into the c03_andreas.csv.

So for me it looks like the c03-CSV file is not beeing parsed.

When i look at the existing campaigns then it looks like this:

language file:


language file:


So at this point i dont know how the game will expect the language file.
I first thought the language-file must have the same name as the campaign-folder but the folders are without any ___ like the csv-files.

Do you have any idea how the csv-file should be named?


Das Spiel / Re: Alpha 0.32 Feedback thread
« on: 2013-08-01 11:45:53 »
Hi Thorben,

zu gerne würde ich etwas dazu schreiben. Aber ich bekomme es nicht mal installiert.

Kommt erst ein JavaScipt-Error "Retrieval of latest version failed"

und im Log dann:

2013-07-30T15:09:42Z Looking for Updates failed with:Error downloading - server replied: Internal Server Error
2013-07-30T15:09:52Z Looking for updates timed out.

Nichts wirklich sinnvolles kann ich dabei sehen


Das Spiel / Re: Alpha 02 Released - Feedback Thread
« on: 2013-07-30 16:12:37 »
Ich kann die 0.3 auch nicht installieren.

Kommt erst ein JavaScipt-Error "Retrieval of latest version failed"

und im Log dann:

2013-07-30T15:09:42Z Looking for Updates failed with:Error downloading - server replied: Internal Server Error
2013-07-30T15:09:52Z Looking for updates timed out.

Nichts wirklich sinnvolles kann ich dabei sehen :)


Hey Leute,

kommt mal wieder runter. Wir sind hier doch alle alt genug!

Morgen wird es wenn alles gut geht ein Update seitens KA geben, da wird dann vielleicht schon vieles geklärt!


The Game / Re: Very quiet.
« on: 2013-06-13 10:05:25 »

tomorrow there should come an update from KA ;-)


Unterstützer der Kickstarter-Aktion / Re: Alpha-Zugang
« on: 2013-06-13 10:03:48 »
Hi zusammen,

wartet mal morgen ab, da gibt´s wenn alles gut geht ein Update ;-)


Das Spiel / Re: Hintergrundstory?
« on: 2013-05-21 08:35:40 »
Hi Jan,

waren da nicht in der alten Version des Spiels schon Namen? Yerala, Thelit etc?

Oder bin ich jetzt schief gewickelt? ;)

Das Spiel / Re: Dumbing Down ? Casual Gamers ?
« on: 2013-05-21 08:29:00 »
Ich bin ja immer noch der Ansicht einige Features einfach per Schwierigkeitsgrad zu regeln und vielleicht in den "Advanced Options"  einzeln selektierbar machen.
Das ist eines der Dinge was mich z.B. an spielen wie Civilization immer gereizt hat, hatte ich wenig Zeit dann habe ich die Optionen entsprechend gesetzt, wollte ich ein "Endlos-Spiel" dann einfach den Marathon-Modus aktiviert. So konnte man sich immer selbst entscheiden.


The Game / Wishlist - Overview
« on: 2013-04-21 18:13:15 »

as i promised a few days ago here an overview about the wishlist as it was discussed in the german board.
The german overview was created by Ndee until post # 113 atm.

It´s only kind of brainstorming by the community but we try to collect all informations to create short overviews so it´s easier for all.

Discussion on this points should be post here:
english one : Wishlist english
german version: Wishlist german

current summary (Post #113 in german board, update is coming soon).


  • dynamic Campaign (like Jagged Alliance 2, Dawn of War 2, Risk) different ways playing though the campaign , scenarios build on each other.
  • Coop-mode in campaign
  • Core-units: transfer selected units through the campaign
  • diffrent goals: escort, salvage, sabotage etc.
  • Upgrading units
  • depot/factories to repair and/or build units
  • ingame information center with details on every unit
  • incoming messages like the weather changes or enemy-activities at the frontline
  • techtree to research unitupgrades between the levels


  • Multiplayer-ladder
  • 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 games -> ffa up to 4 players
  • Lobby for chat and matchmaking
  • Friendlist
  • Lan-Mode
  • async mode via mail
  • global map of the world, managed by the server to fight given areas
  • The world as a huge map with many hex-fields to play on the "whole planet"
  • Unit-upgrades
  • conquer ressources / capture enemy-factories
  • Hotseat mode (splitscreen)
  • many multiplayer-settings to adjust the difficulty.
  • no round or time limit (maybe this could be adjusted in the match-setup)
  • Skirmish mode: Quick, round limit, no units buildable, random opponents

game mechanics

  • outstanding enemy-AI
  • day / night changing
  • Ammunition and fuel consumption
  • jam units are bonuses. (Encircle the enemy with multiple units.) [/color
  • Moving units tile by tile instead of moving with a given range.
  • Preview of the expected damage on mouseover
  • Height levels. Bonuses to attacks from higher levels.
  • Not too much randomness for damage calculation
  • dynamic weather-changes
  • zooming from isometric view into 3rd person and vice versaRein-Raus Zoomen von ISO auf 3rd person perspective und umgekehrt
  • moving units / attacking in 3rd person view
  • Give attacks from behind bonus / penalty calculation in the fight
  • moving multiple units before attacking. So you are able to surround units and start a combined attack
  • watch enemy-turn as far as you removed the fog of war
  • automatic savegames after every turn
  • positioning units, armor front/back/side, turn arround to shot if in wrong direction


  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Coherent overall concept: map-names, music and card structure fit together. Each map has a special track
  • Hardcore-mode ?
  • MAP-Editor
  • Unit-editor / SDK
  • Support the mod community
  • Downloadportal user-created stuff like maps and campaigns <- $170.000 Stretch Goal
  • Opportunity to "paint" out a battle plan on the map and make necessary viewable by allies. You could also use this to remember things you wanted to do.
  • General or commander on the battlefield.
  • play two games at the same time to switch between without wasting to many time while waiting for your opponent.

Controls / Ports
  • Controller Support (XBOX, PS3)
  • keyboard only control for notebooks
  • playable on WIIU

  • superweapons/units
  • railroad units.<- $170.000 Stretch Goal:
  • Constructor to build streets, fortification, rails, ect.
  • multiple weapon systems per unit
  • renaming units. Own names.
  • unit-durability Haltbarkeit von Einheiten. wear and tear after a while
  • "Aura units" that can strengthen or weaken units within an given range
  • disguise units in special terrain like wood which are unmasked after attacking or through special scout-units

Stretch Goal
confirmed feature
won't be in the game

The Game / Re: Generated maps for the win.
« on: 2013-04-19 07:48:20 »
I´ll try to clean up and translate at the weekend so you have something to read on your sunday ;-)

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