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Title: Bug in chapter 3 Red Pirate
Post by: Szandor on 2017-02-18 13:02:04
Hi everyone.
I have encounter a bug (I think) when the dialog is over with the red pirate and I am going to fight the bounty hunter and he push me to the ground the game stops.
I can click on my backpack and on the "settings book" but the game dont move on.
I have tryed everything restarted the game and choosed different dialogs but nothing seems to work.
Ohhh I play on my tablet with android, version 1.0.0 witch is the last version.
And this is the book of unwritten tales 2.

If anyone have any solution to this please leave a reply.

Title: Re: Bug in chapter 3 Red Pirate
Post by: Thann on 2017-02-20 11:25:14
Hi Szandor,

please try to set the graphics quality to Medium and try it again. There seems to be a bug at this position if you have your graphics quality set to Low.