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Title: Feedback on the game
Post by: n3mss on 2012-12-11 12:23:02
First, I'd like to say thank you for producing the prequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales (BOUT). BOUT, have to say, is the best adventure game to be produced in at *least* the last 7 years and deserves its place in history. I wrote a review somewhere and gave the game 9.0/10 with the only deduction in score resulting from the absurd rain dance mini game (although the result was genuinely funny). If not for that mini game I'd have given it a 10.

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Do I regret spending the money on this game? Absolutely not ... I'd buy it again! Would I give it a near perfect score like Book of Unwritten Tales? No. Would I recommend it, despite the above? Yes.
Title: Re: Feedback on the game
Post by: Kunibert_KA on 2012-12-11 15:45:06
Thanks for the feedback.
We are very interrested in the opinion of the players, because we can learn from it.
Not everything works, but we will try to apply the lessons and hope to improve with every game.
Title: Re: Feedback on the game
Post by: n3mss on 2012-12-11 22:58:55
No problem. As said, the money for the game was (very) well spent and I did get a lot of enjoyment from it. I'm going to play again in "normal" mode to see what differences there are.

I'd like to add what I really love about The Critter Chronicles (and BOUT). Some of these are hard to quantify or put into words, so I'll leave them as dot points... I'm sure you'll understand what I mean anyway.

* You really feel as though your an active participant in the game. Not many P&C adventures achieve this, but CRC and BOUT have done it brilliantly
* The world is "alive"! Again, not many P&C adventures can do this. I actually can't think of another off the top of my head
* The interaction between characters is great
* The puzzles are perfect. All of them have a logic to them. Some (a lot) of other P&C adventures you solve a difficult puzzle and think either "that doesn't make sense", or the puzzle feels like it's just been placed there. BOUT and CRC puzzles are logical. This is a HUGE thing for me. Well done.

Those 4 points alone put Critter Chronicles and BOUT above most other adventures of at least the last 7 years... maybe the last decade. Really great work and I look forward to future titles from you all.
Title: Re: Feedback on the game
Post by: SamanthaG1959 on 2015-04-06 20:00:31
I"m a newbie to the Unwritten Tales & loved it.  I then purchased The Critter Chronicles.  I'll let you know how that game is as soon as I can play it.
Like Unwritten Tales, I cannot get past the opening cut scene without advancing the scenario manually, so I'm "dead in the water" so to speak on why you should or should not purchase this game. :(