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Please contact our support at and they'll send you savegames of the temple.

It's currently not planned, but if the Kickstarter goes well we might add more subtitle languages in the future. So spread the word about the Kickstarter to raise the chances for that.


the game has been available in English for more than a year already. You can get a digital download of it on Steam, GoG and some other platforms.

As stated in the uppermost post in this subforum, we are willing to help any fan translation groups that contact us with materials and tips.

The game is pretty long and contains about 100.000 words of text, so it is advisable not to attempt to translate it single-handedly, but with a small team instead. If you have a specific language in mind and think you can assemble a team (or already did so), please contact me via private message on this forum or at

Technical Issues / Bugs / Re: Technical bugs and crashes
« on: 2013-11-07 10:52:44 »
Statistics tool tip just says btn_tooltip

I was unable to pass the first tutorial because it was waiting for me to destroy the vehicle after I had already.....

If you could stop WS_DLGFRAME and WS_BORDER from constantly resetting so it can be played properly in windowed mode that would be swell.

Thanks for the report, sixequalszero!
Please post future bug reports concerning Battle Worlds Kronos in the Battle Worlds Board.

The Hovercraft is incorrectly called Hoovercraft.

oops - actually, I see this in the German version.

Actually that's in all versions. We'll fix that ASAP. :)

ah, I see. We'll fix that too.

And more small errors:
1. Just a remind about missing letters...

2. Missing Artillery application text. The artillery's abilities in the panel do not show any hints, probably because of this missing string.

3. Untranslated hints for transporters and factories:

1. We took care of the missing letters and they will be visible in the next update.
2. yes, that string is missing and we will add it together with a couple of other missing strings after they have been translated
3. transporters and factories don't have a "hint" in their info text. Otherwise there would be a corresponding headline.

Kurzes Feedback:
Wir haben alle bisher von euch gemeldeten Fehler korrigiert, die Korrekturen werden aber erst im nächsten Update bei euch im Spiel auftauchen.

Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe! Weiter so! :)

Danke, wir helfen natürlich gerne für "unser" Spiel !
Grammatik scheint aber soweit gut zu sein und ich bin auch nicht anspruchsvoll  :)

Außerdem ist mir der Zusammenhang mit den U-Booten nicht klar (event. tauchen ?)

Die U-Boote in der Überschrift und im Einleitungssatz sind noch ein Überbleibsel aus einer älteren Version. Hab es fürs nächste Update korrigiert. :)

Habe folgendes gefunden:
Bild 053_M01_Grammar07: "...Da fallen mir Dutzende Kandidaten ein..." - Dutzende sollte hier kleingeschrieben werden

Lasst mir das Dutzende bloß groß geschrieben!

Laut Duden ist beides richtig. :)

5. Некоторые задания и фразы диалогов не переведены! Например, c01_m02_target04  и c01_m02_target05 - они есть в английских файлах, но не в русских. Соответственно, в игре появляется не текст задания, а "c01_m02_target04"...

Thanks for reporting that!
The english text for them is:
01_m02_target04,"Five transporters have survived."
c01_m02_target05,"Six transporters have survived."

Can anyone please translate the text in the quotation marks so I can put it into the game?

What would you prefer? Unit names in English in the whole game or unit names in Russian?
I would certainly prefer all of them in Russian. After all, there is an option for changing the language, so that everything could be in English or German, if someone would prefer them otherwise  :)
But there are some more important mistakes, like those I mentioned in my post above (in Russian): like invisibility of Russian letters in subtitles and messages, and the lack of strings 'c01_m02_target04' etc. in language files...

Ok, as it is also easier to replace the unit names in the info than replacing them in all the ingame text, we'll put the Russian names into the info too. Could some of you guys please help me out by making a list of all the English names with their Russian translations? It would take ages for me to search through the source code and figure out each Russian name.

I'm working on all your other reported mistakes now, so they'll be fixed in the next update.

"Цербер" может сражаться с любым типов вражеских войск...

Should be "любым типом" or "любыми типами".

I don't understand what you mean. It is "любым типом" in the original, so why should I change it? Or do I need to delete one of the words?

Please write the whole original sentence and whole changed sentence when you make suggestions for changes, because I don't understand Russian and it's hard to replace single words without knowing the grammar and without being able to read them. :)

However, if the unit names are translated in the dialogues, but not in the unit info, that's a mistake. It should be consistently either translated or not translated in the whole game.
Yes - they are translated in dialogues, in tutorial messages, in info sheets etc., but not in their windows on the right panel, which looks rather strange.

Hmmm, that's not good...
What would you prefer? Unit names in English in the whole game or unit names in Russian?

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