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Das Spiel / Happy Birthday BWK!
« on: 2014-11-05 08:52:29 »
Ich bin zwar einen Tag zu spät dran, aber trotzdem:

05.11.2013 wurde BWK offiziell released, ich hoffe ihr bei KA Games habts gefeiert ;)


P.S.: ja, ich weiss dass der Sprössling inzwischen so an die 5 oder 6 sein müsste. Aber ich zähl jetzt mal ab da wo ihr ihn aus dem Keller gelassen habt.

Technische Probleme / Bugs / Forum Schluckauf?
« on: 2014-05-21 14:25:32 »
In den letzten Paar Tagen wurde ich im Forum immer mit nem DB Fehler begrüsst. Gut zu wissen dass es wieder geht.

Ein "Hurraa" auf Backups? ;)

Battle Worlds Builder / Sharing map files
« on: 2014-04-28 17:37:14 »
a question to Flo (or other KA members):
Is there a way to locate map files made by other users in order to look things up / learn from them -> a way to not only share the map ingame for the game, but also for the editor?

I have tried a workaround via savegame and artificially creating the other files but it failed to load in the editor (cause it doesnt know all of the savegame xml map tags). I didnt dig deeper to make it compatible and it would have been a bit too much just to look up a map someone else made.

I also couldnt locate any temporary files, so I guess the usermade maps are only downloaded into memory.
-> maybe as a suggestion, add a "share mapfile" flag, where the map files would also be downloaded locally so others can look it up.
Otherwise, we can still share them on the forums here, but an integrated solution is always nicer.


Das Spiel / Steam sales (oder warum keine)?
« on: 2013-12-02 18:56:32 »
Momentan sind ja wieder Steamsales. Warum nutzt man nicht die Chance das Spiel weiter zu promoten?

Die meisten der angepeilten Zielgruppe haben es wahrscheinlich schon, mit einem Sale kann man (auch laut Erfahrung von anderen IndieGames) auch ausserhalb der Core-Kundschaft wildern und einen ordentlichen Umsatzschub hinlegen.

Vielleicht ne Idee für Weihnachten ;)

Battle Worlds Builder / [Challenge] Frozen Assault
« on: 2013-11-29 21:10:17 »
Frozen Assault
Finally got to finish a map again(more or less at least).

It puts you into the role of a trainee commander at an academy and you need to pass a combat simulation test.
It is all about speed, the faster you are, the higher the score (which will be recorded in your local BWK profile). The goal is to capture the enemy HQ.
There is a time limit of 100 turns but I dont expect it to take this long. For each turn passed, your score will be lower.

You will need to set up your base - you can choose between several buildings for each build spot. Find a good balance between quick or steady resources, the right type of factories for your plan and this should be a walk in the park.
You will also need to set up an army, these will be dropped in four waves, each being more powerful than the previous one. You can choose the basic type of these units.
You can also unlock the map for the cost of some score points.

The difficulty should be fairly easy and I will most probably have to tune it up. Maybe I add it as a selection at the start in the next versions.
There are some roaming squads, some defensive ones and a last challenge just before the end.

It took be some iterations to get things to work, to make the map look good, but now it's time to let this out into the wild :)

Some requests:
- please let me know if you encounter idle or weird-behaving squads. They should attack on sight or even earlier.
- I didnt have the patience to test if the mission fails at turn 100... but it should.

Any feedback is welcome, go give it a try and enjoy. Map is in the attachments. Check the readme for more info.

Battle Worlds Builder / Knowledgebase
« on: 2013-11-28 14:03:09 »
Just a thread for useful small infos and hints ( mostly so I can look things up quickly ).
Feel free to post own stuff.
I'll start:

Player colors (campaign/challenge maps)
Lumati = purple
Residents = orange
Yerla = red
Telit = blue
anything else = black

Several PlaceUnit actions on the same hex at the same time
This is possible and valid, the game will automatically place units to adjacent hexes.

Score in challenge maps
Set up a counter mission target (probably also primary + winning condition) bound to a variable named "challenge_score".

Multiple MapObjects on the same hex
Works fine.

Disable fog of war
Add and remove a beacon.

Neutral units/buildings
Use Team 0 for them.

Display Counter mission target values
Use $current$ and $target$ in the mission target text area. These will be replaced by the actual values.

Battle Worlds Builder / Maps
« on: 2013-11-27 16:14:19 »
Here is a list of maps made by the community (so far).
This will become obsolete once map distribution/rating is implemented in the game, but until then I will keep this up to date.

- none -

Challenge maps

Multiplayer maps
Note: so far, these will only work in hotseat mode.

edit: unstickied this as maps are listed and rated ingame.

Looking for a guide or HowTo? Got a question related to the editor or mapbuilding?

This is a good place to start if you are new to the editor:
A little guide to mapmaking

Some more advanced topics:
Mission targets, triggers, variables and actions

General questions/answers thread:
General Q/A

Some info on how to create custom campaigns:
Make a new Campaign

Many small hints & stuff:

A guide on mission targets, triggers, actions and variables
Time for a little guide on how they work, what they can do and some examples to show stuff.

Mission targets
These are all the primary and secondary objectives for the mission. Each of these is assigned to a team ( => each team can have different ones) and if it is a winning condition or not.
The state of the mission targets can be set via Actions from Dialogs and Triggers.

Todo... list all types of targets and how they behave.

Variables can be used to either count things, or to remember things. They can be displayed as mission targets (the Counter type).
You can set variable values with actions but also add/substract values to/from it. Hint: Substraction works with adding negative numbers.
Variables can be used in triggers as a condition as numerical checks with all kinds of operators ( = <> < > ).

Each trigger consists of a trigger type, an optional condition and one or more actions.

Trigger type
The trigger type defines what kind of events are observed by the game engine. There are a lot of different ones ( I will try to make a complete list later).
When a trigger fires, the condition is checked and if valid, the actions are executed.
Trigger list

You can add an optional check for a condition that must be valid in order to execute the actions.
Usually these are checks for variable values for equal, lower/greater than, ...
You will only need these in more advanced use-cases, I will give examples below.

This is where you want the trigger to actually DO something. There are a lot of different actions (I will list these as well later). You can add several actions to a trigger, you won't encounter a limit (unless probably at 2^32 actions).
Actions can also be started within dialogs (on each transition).
Actions list

A simple briefing dialog for each team at the start of the mission:
TurnStarted trigger (for each team) for turn 1, a StartDialog action to show the mission briefing (the dialog must be created before you add this trigger).

Activate a secondary mission, show and focus mission area:
Let's pretend you want to create a side-quest within a mission when the player uncovers a certain area (for example a bridge heading to a nearby island).
You already prepared the mission target (and set it to hidden), also the dialog to explain the quest is already created.
Now create a FieldDiscovered Trigger on the bridge (and a few hexes radius around it). Add a PlaceBeacon action to show the area, also a FocusField action so the view will automatically focus it.
Now set the mission target to active with a SetMissionTargetState action and a StartDialog action to start the conversation. With an ActivateSquad action you can activate all the AI units in the area.

Actions and real consequences
A bit more advanced setup: define a variable and give it a value, lets call it "goodanswer" and give it a value of 0. This is where we will "remember" the player's choice.
Now create a dialog with two transitions, one being a good, one a bad answer. In the goodanswer transition, add an action SetVariable "goodanswer" to 1.
Add a FieldDiscovered trigger where you want the action to have a consequence. Could be any other trigger type as well, I'll just use this as an example.
Let's say we want to spawn some reinforcements for our troops if we picked the good answer.
In this case, add a condition to the trigger to the variable "goodanswer", the check condition being equal to 1.
Then add some PlaceUnit actions to spawn you the troops (these already must be defined an not be placed on any hex).
We can now add an option for not picking the good answer. Copy and paste the trigger.  Simply modify the copied trigger's condition to be "not equal" to 1.
In this case, we want to be evil and place some (already prepared in the unit window) enemy mines around the player. Modify the PlaceUnit actions to spawn some enemy mines.

Take all the triggers, combine them with all the possible actions, tailor in some dialogs and conditions and you have what the BWK game engine can do within a mission.
And this is quite a lot.

I am looking forward to those add/remove mapobjects (and maybe roads as well) actions, combined with ChangeGround -> Breaking dams, emerging islands with secret bases and "Winter is Coming" would be just a few of the ideas I'd love to build...

Das Spiel / BWK portable (win)
« on: 2013-11-09 12:12:04 »
Damit man sein aktuelles Lieblingsspiel immer dabei haben kann (inklusive savegames und settings):
Einfach den gesamten BWK-Verzeichnis auf einen Stick kopieren.
Dann noch ne kleine Batch-Datei mit folgendem Inhalt ins BWK-Verzeichnis:
Code: [Select]
set USERPROFILE=ThereIsNoSuchUser
cd Game
Was macht das?
Solang ihr keinen User mit Namen "ThereIsNoSuchUser" habt, wird dann der aktuelle Profil für BWK auf das lokale Verzeichnis umgebogen -> die Savegames und Profil landen unter <Stick>:\BWK\game\BattleWorldsKronos

Auf die Performance des Spiels hat das sogut wie keinen Einfluss.

Enjoy :)

Battle Worlds Builder / Unexpected behaviors / bugs
« on: 2013-11-07 20:05:17 »
I thought it could make sense to collect some unexpected behaviours that might be potential bugs ;)

Here is a fancy one: wanted to make a "shop". Already usable to "buy" units which are spawned, but to take this idea further, I tried to spawn buildings.
They actually spawn, but always in hex 0/0 instead of the assigned hex.

Would have been a proof of concept that you can do something like "base building" on selected hexes and choose what building to spawn there.
Crazy stuff, I know, and it's only a little bit away from working.

If variable conditions are added to the dialog transitions, then I could also make it work that it checks if i can "afford" units. I added a "cash" variable that gets substracted on each shopping action.

I also need to find out why the trigger only fires once. Maybe it could be possible to make it repeatable (only for units of course).

Attached is the testmap (copy to challenge dir).

Battle Worlds Builder / HowTo: Make a new campaign
« on: 2013-11-07 11:46:17 »
A little description on how to make a new campaign.

The campaigns are located in StreamingAssets\Campaigns

You need to create a new folder for yours, lets just name it "MyCampaign".
A Campaign needs maps, so create a folder "maps" inside it.
Each Campaign has a file where all the assigned maps, the campaign description are stored.
The file is "MyCampaign.bwc" and is located in the MyCampaign folder.

The file structure should look like this:

- Campaigns
|  + ANewWar
|  + ANewWorld
|  - MyCampaign
|  |   - maps
|  |  |  - mymap1.bwd
|  |  |  - mymap1.bwm
|  |  |  - mymap1.png
|  |  |  - mymap1_thumb.bwd
|  |  |  - mymap2.bwd
|  |  |  - mymap2.bwm
|  |  |  - mymap2.png
|  |  |  - mymap2_thumb.bwd
|  |   - MyCampaign.bwc

The MyCampaign.bwc file contains:
Code: [Select]
<battleworldscampaign id="123" followup="124">
<name>MyCampaign's name</name>
<description>Some text to describe what the campaign is about
<map nodeId="1" missionNumber="1" mapId="1" unlocked="True" />
<map nodeId="2" missionNumber="2" mapId="2" />
The campaignid must be unique. With the followup you can link a next campaign to it that will be automatically started once you finish this one.

The nodes describe what maps (or cutscenes) are assigned to the campaign. Here the 1st mission would be unlocked, the 2nd would be greyed out until you finish the 1st.

It is important that you assign a unique mapId to each map and reference it correctly here, otherwise BWK won't start.
Note, that the mission picture you set with the editor will be displayed as the background to the mission's description, unlike the smaller thumb-pics with multiplayer or challenge maps.

The builtin campaigns use half-transparent pngs, size 600x400.
You can store additional smaller pics for each mission, size 390x210 under the name <mapname>_thumb.png
If you use different sized pics, the game will resize them but the pics will look stretched then, so I would advise to keep the image sizes identical.

Battle Worlds Builder / Wishlist (game assets & mechanics)
« on: 2013-11-07 10:32:32 »
Just a little wishlist for new assets:

- different buildings for residents, military, corporation style, town, village
- connected walls, fences. Maybe let them autoconnect like roads do (implement as impassable road type?)
- unit wrecks
- single-hex depots (for example mountain tunnel entrance)
- vulcano mountain

- Lava :)

Maybe let the map set the RGB lighting used in the engine? Could give maps a unique setting, night (or at least dusk/dawn) maps, ... (oh and actions to change it at runtime while you are at it :) )

Battle Worlds Builder / A little guide to mapbuilding
« on: 2013-11-05 20:15:45 »
I know his is stuff for the wiki, but I need to figure out how to organize/structure it first, so I just start writing away, maybe it helps the new mappers.

Where to store the map?
Currently, there are two (three) places to put maps in, where the game recognizes and loads them.

  • Multiplayer maps - These are stored in \StreamingAssets\Maps
  • Singleplayer maps - These goto \StreamingAssets\Challenge
  • Campaigns - These need a bit manual editing to make it work. I will describe it later or on demand

Each map consists of 3 files:
mapname.bwd - this holds metadata about the map, the players, the alliances, the description text
mapname.bwm - this is the actual map data with all the grounds, units, dialogs, triggers,...
mapname.png - this is the image shown when selecting the map ingame
The editor will take care of creating these files, you only need to save/load the .bwm file.

Getting started
Select new map, pick a default ground for the map, enter the size and give it a go.

Setting up the editor
First you will see a blank map, I would recommend to re-arrange the windows to your preference. A few things should be (in my opinion) always be visible somewhere:
- Tools -> here you select and see in what mode the editor currently is. The 4 modes are: select, place, delete and clone. I have dragged and pinned it on top of the map window.
- Hexinspector -> this one shows the most important data about the selected hex. What ground it is, what mapobjects are placed, which unit and so on. This is handy to quickly alter some values.
Otherwise, I have arranged the placeable objects on the left side and all the others on the right.
I have attached a pic. In the end, it is up to you, what you find comfortable to use.

A few basics
The first thing you want to fill out when creating a map is all on the Description window. Map name, description, display size, amount of players (humans or AI), alliances are all set here. You should also create and load an image (png format), this will be displayed ingame.

The wonderful hexes
In BWK, its all about hexes, so a map is defined by what the hexes on each positions contain. Think of these as layers on top of each other:
A hex always has an assigned ground -> snow, grassland, water, you get the idea
A hex can have a road type assigned as well. The road has no direction, the road directions are calculated by surrounding hexes with or without roads.
A mapobject is placed on top this. Mapobjects are fences, bunkers, smoking wrecks and other assets. This also points into a certain direction (north, northeast, southeast, south, southwest, northwest). Several mapobjects can be placed on a hex. For example you can create a smoking bunker.
A unit is also placed on a hex (duh) and has a direction. Units are also assigned a team, can be a container for other units and even generate resources (depots are treated as units as well). There are also units that are not assigned to a certain hex but are for example loaded in a depot or are just defined to be brought into action by some triggers.

Paint the map
Time to give that map some color. Use the grounds display, click on one you see fit and paint away on the map. Same works for roads, mapobjects and units. On the latter you can also preselect a team and directions.
If you made a mistake, use the delete tool. ctrl-click will erase the type you currently have focused (ground, road, mapobject, unit) while alt-click will reset all but the ground.
Play around with the selection tool, shift-click will select rectangles, shift-ctrl-click circles. You can "paint" selected hexes with the hexinspector by modifying values directly there.
The clone tool is more advanced. You need to select what you want to clone. Again, depending on what type you selected you will clone just the unit, road or the mapobject.
You can move units with selecting them, then activate the clone tool and shift-ctrl-click the target location.

A few hints
Start with placing the ground hexes, then add roads, some mapobjects to make it pretty, then place units for the teams.

At this point, you might as well save it, fire up the game and give it a go.

And thats it?
Thats the basic to create a running map, yes. But there's a whole lot more the editor can do and this is where the fun starts.

Mission targets: here you can define primary and secondary goal for each team. There are several different targets, I will describe them later.
Units: you can define units that are not placed at the map at the start of the battle.
Squads: The AI handles squads of units best. Here you can create them, give them a behavior pattern, a mission and an operational area. This is where the AI will move the units and defines the area where the squad can operate.
Dialogs: You can define dialogs which consist of nodes (these are the text windows displayed with the attached speakers), the transitions (these are the answer options you can click). You can build whole dialog trees and bind actions to player choices.
Triggers: Now this is where it's getting interesting. There are a lot of different trigger types, for example when a unit enters a hex, when a turn starts, when you discover a hex... You can bind a lot of actions that will all be activated when a trigger fires. Actions could be: place a unit, show a dialog, set a mission target, activate an AI squad and a whole lot more. In my opinion, this, and all the resulting possible combinations is what makes the BWK engine really powerful.
Variables: used for counting, mostly used in mission targets and triggers. For example you can count how many depots you have conquered and fire a trigger when it reaches, lets say 3, then display a dialog to tell how great you were.
Warnings/Errors: the editor recognizes a lot of mistakes you can do. Try to build maps with as less warnings/errors as possible.

I hope this helps as a quick guide to get started.

edit: typos...

Battle Worlds Builder / Official editor release?
« on: 2013-11-04 19:53:18 »
Just installed the release version of the game (via KAG key and download), the editor is not part of the installation.
Time to make the link to the editor public?

And I hope you keep updating it as frequently as in the last weeks.

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