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Hi Thorben:
Dang, I didn't mean to startle you with my turn of's not literal.
I went ahead and downloaded & ran the program dxwebsetup.exe and it told me that I a newer version & it was up to date, so I tried running the game again, hoping the program had done something (anything) with no luck & no changes.
I think it's my sound card.  When I purchased the first Unwritten Tales, I had to insert a command line in my config.xlm & the game ran perfectly.  And yes, the problems are similar.  In Tales 1, the cursor stayed busy and Ivo couldn't grab the whip.  That's as far as I was able to progress until I found a post in the Steam forum for Tales 1 about inserting this command regarding sound.  I am inserting here a post in the Steam forum for Critters which I think might help you(?):

This game doesn't work with Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Cards (Win7/8), you will get stuck in the first scene.
The previous part had the same problem but there is a workaround available by manually editing the config.xml. This workaround doesn't work anymore with Critter Chronicles.
However there're other 2 options which helped me:
1.) if you have another soundcard in your system then make this one your standard device before you start the game. Then use Alt+Tab during the game to get to the windows desktop, switch to your actual soundcard and go back into the game.

2.) the 2nd solution is somehow absurd. You may just use the exe file from the first BouT (bout.exe). Copy it to your Critter Chronicles folder and start it. You may then use the config.xml workaround (<sounddevice>Generic Software</sounddevice>). Beware that this exe file uses the BouT folder for savegames and might overwrite your old ones, make sure that folder is clean before you try this solution.

I don't have a 2nd sound card nor on-board sound, so I tried option no. 2 & that didn't work either.

As of today, I have yet to hear back from Technical Support.  That troubles me.
Thank you every so much for your assistance as it is very appreciated.
Have a great weekend.
Samantha G :o

Hi Samantha,

you did already a lot to solve this issue and there is not much more you could do.
I guess your PC or laptop is quite a bit older and it´s not equiped with the latest hardware.
So it´s possible, that your CPU or RAM is not sufficient - could you post your system specs here?

It might be helpfull to close all programs or tools running in the background before starting the game.
That way you might free enough CPU power or RAM to run CC properly.

Please open your task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and shut down all not needed programs/tools.
If you are not connected to the internet while playing, close virus scanners and such alike as well.
Maybe there is a problem with a virus or malware scanner, that blocks a file and prevents the game from opening it.


Hi Thorben:
I'm gonna shot Dell if my computer is too "old" for this...anyway, attached is my system information.  I look forward to your reply  ;D

Good afternoon Fellow Players:
I'm new to the Unwritten Tales series.  I only finished the first game this weekend.  So instead of purchasing 2, I decided to purchase the Critters first.  I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.  Yes, this is a Steam version of the game.
The game loads fine.  I can access the settings, etc.  The game seems to load the first cut scene correctly, or so I think.  Here's the first indication that something was wrong:  my cursor show's "busy."  The first cut-scene ends, the credits roll & the beginning of the game starts & that's where my luck ends.  Each and every conversation must be advanced by left clicking.  My cursor stays "busy" but the space bar works & Nate does move when you point & left click; however, you get 2 left clicks before the game discontinues.  No, it doesn't crash as the music continues and the objects on the screen continue to move but that's the end of my control over Nate and anything else considered normal game play.  When this happens escape does not work; the space bar does; left click does not work.  I sent Nate to the Mardi Gras chest first, he opens it, he examines it but he cannot pick up the items although when you press the space bar the hand does appear, but otherwise there is no hand, only a "busy" symbol.   Nate can examine & pick up the green bottle however, that's the end of my control of the game.
I wrote Tech support & have received a response but that response is asking me to do (AGAIN  >:( ) the same actions I had already done in an attempt to run the game correctly, i.e., verified the game files; made sure all drivers had been updated, attempted to run the game in admin & compatibility mode (Windows XP service pack 3), disable and re-enabled graphics control from the game back to the game; uninstalled, cleaned registry of all items related to Critters, and absolutely nothing helped.  I have not heard back from them and it has been 2 days since I reported that their suggestions were an utter failure.
If anyone out there has any solutions that don't include DOS based editing (I am an utter failure at DOS), I would appreciate any and all solutions.
Thanks for your time...and attention.
Samantha G.  8)

Feedback / Re: Feedback on the game
« on: 2015-04-06 20:00:31 »
I"m a newbie to the Unwritten Tales & loved it.  I then purchased The Critter Chronicles.  I'll let you know how that game is as soon as I can play it.
Like Unwritten Tales, I cannot get past the opening cut scene without advancing the scenario manually, so I'm "dead in the water" so to speak on why you should or should not purchase this game. :(

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