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Localisations (may contain spoilers!) / Spanish Localization
« Last post by Harriettzow on 2017-01-27 11:49:14 »
I just applied to join the Spanish translation team Im just ringing a bell here in the forums. :
Technische Probleme / Bugs / Bug in Level 8
« Last post by Harriettzow on 2017-01-20 13:47:11 »
Same Here. Exact same bug. Only started happening at level 19. I'm in the Foundry, in case that's relevant.
Kickstarter supporter / Gentoo Ebuild for Beta Version
« Last post by Kevinzow on 2017-01-16 14:12:07 »
Unfortunately I just noticed that for beta you had to have paid 40 or more

I imagined with only having 1212 backers I would think they could manage including everyone in beta :O
Battle Worlds Builder / Neue Kampagne 4
« Last post by Georgezow on 2017-01-13 15:09:44 »
Weitere Unterstützung scheint ja kaum vonnöten zu sein, die Kampagne ist nach knapp einem Tag schon bei über 1 Million Dollar, da kann ich ja auf die reguläre Box-Version warten.
Tips & Hints / Problem with bees in Chapter 1
« Last post by Georgezow on 2017-01-13 14:12:25 »
I think I may have this problem. When you press the voice button, nothing happens. Is that the same as your experience?
geht mir auch gerade so. Ich hatte mir einen Kanonenzug in der Basis gemaust. Nun sind alle Gegner weg, es landen auch keine mehr, aber die Mission lässt sich nicht beenden. Das letzte abweichende Savegame ist dermaßen weit davor, dass man die Mission auch von Beginn starten könnte.
Technical Issues / Bugs / Chapter 4: Crumpled Note Bug
« Last post by SubjectDandin on 2017-01-03 16:57:49 »
Hello everyone,

I am experiencing a problem playing the 4th chapter of BOUT: The Wild Lands.
I have reached the second challenge with Nate to beat Ma'Zaz.
The hooded figure has given me The Crumpled Note for me to read. It is in my inventory, but I can't read it.
I have not read it, because I can't play the game with the merchant yet.
I have looked up walkthroughs, so I know what should happen.

I think the game is broken, but don't have save files that bring me to the same chapter. My last save file is in chapter 2, it will probably take me 4 hours to get back to the same spot.

Can somebody advice me on what to do?
Tips & Hints / Re: Chapter 3 the Sunken Tempel HELP
« Last post by THL on 2016-12-27 20:20:20 »

Hi Marco

Can I get the savefile to get Nate down to the wheel again .. I just started to play this game 2 days ago, hope you still have the time to help :-D

Thx Tinne

Hi everyone,

in the attachment to this post you can find savegames of the first part of the temple. Just download the file, unzip it and copy the files to your savegame folder.

As the savegames are displayed by date inside of the game, they might not show up on top when you open your savegame menu. Just scroll down till you find the numbered files named "C3_temple_01", "C3_temple_02", and so on.

Depending on where you got stuck, it should be one of the files in the middle, probably between 06 and 10. Just try loading different ones until you find the correct one.

Technische Probleme / Bugs / Map Balancing Vorschlage
« Last post by DavidCashy on 2016-12-24 20:31:57 »
wei? jemand ob beim rs2 verschiedene map sensoren verbaut wurden? bzw. wie weit diese messbereiche dieser sensoren gehen/gingen?
Tips & Hints / Re: Raindance
« Last post by dodo on 2016-12-14 21:02:36 »
 :) :)Finally did it got threw that part of game and now finished game yaaaa ;D
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